7. Bananas

Contrary to popular belief, the super delicious and nutritious banana does promote weight loss.

It is rich in fiber and resistant starch which aid in digestion.

It is also a good snack of choice because it is heavy in the tummy.

After having just one, you feel full and satisfied and the feeling lasts for quite some time.

As a strategy, some have one a few minutes before a meal.

That keeps them from over-indulging.

8. Lean Meat

Snacking on turkey or chicken breast slices is not such a bad idea.

You can have it with whole wheat bread as well, as a meal option.

Just take it easy on what you choose to flavor it with.

Stick to lettuce and tomatoes.

Having lean meat is a good way to burn fat.

The protein from the food you eat is converted by the body into energy and muscle.

The more muscle you have the more fat you use up and get rid of.

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