4. Bodyweight Exercises Increase Your Athleticism And Mobility

Bodyweight movements tend to be extremely functional. this suggests that they often mimic things we already neutralize the real world.

As such, any strength you build through bodyweight programming is transferable to different skills in life that need any quite athleticism.

5. Your Joints Can Handle High Bodyweight Training Volume

Unlike weight training, bodyweight exercises tend to reply better to higher volume.

This means you’ll and will do sets of 15+ reps.

When you do higher repetitions,

You incorporate a cardio component to your routine, supplying you with a 2 for 1 benefit

You increase blood flow to your joints which helps rehabilitate any injuries you’ll have

You increase your core engagement, as all calisthenic exercises require a point of core stabilization

and the best part?

You burn more fat: Every bodyweight exercise incorporates multiple muscle groups directly, so more reps = more work = more calories burned!

Alright are you convinced yet?


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