3. Knee Flexion Exercises:

The knee flexion exercises train the muscles that allow you to squat down and squat copy.

These muscles include

  • the quadriceps,
  • the adductors
  • the various other muscles within the hip
  • and the glutes

These exercises are important because they ingrain your ability to squat down during a proper position. Before toilets were invented, we squatted right down to relieve ourselves.

4. Single Leg Exercises:

Single leg exercises train your ability to balance yourself on each leg individually. If you haven’t noticed already. You spend the bulk of your day on one leg.

These exercises will strengthen

  • the quadriceps
  • the adductors
  • the core musculature

and all of the tiny stabilizer muscles that normally aren’t stimulated during bilateral exercises.

These exercises are important because they improve your overall balance and coordination while fixing any imbalances which will exist between your legs.

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