5. Hip Extension Exercises:

The hip extension exercises train the powerful muscles of the posterior chain to assist you to flex and extend at the hip.

These muscles include

  • the hamstrings,
  • the glutes,
  • and the low back.

These exercises are important because they teach you the right thanks to bending at the hips and reduce your chances of developing a lower back injury.

Lastly, we have…

6. Core Stabilizing Exercises:

If you didn’t already know, sit-ups and crunches aren’t the simplest thanks to training your abs. isn’t the right thanks to training your abs.

Instead, you would like to coach core stabilization. this is often the power to resist motion under load.

A common example of a core stabilization exercise is that the plank and every one of its variations.

In this post, we are getting to specialize in these Core 6 Movement Patterns. These are the exercises that 99% of the planet should be ready to do.

Alright, now that we’ve covered all of the fundamentals, let’s actually move onto the fun stuff.

The next several chapters will cover the complete list of calisthenic exercises by part and by difficulty.


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