Street workout involves using bodyweight exercises and utilizing outdoor spaces such as parks for physical activity. Although inspired by calisthenics, it now incorporates aspects of gymnastics and other athletic practices.

The figures or moves in street workout range from relatively simple exercises that beginners can try, to extremely complex and challenging ones that only the most experienced and skilled practitioners can perform. They are categorized into four major groups, each with increasing difficulty:

  1. The Mortals: This is the starting point for beginners. Some of the exercises in this category include the L-Sit, Pull Over, Balanced Muscle Up, Elbow Lever, Pistol Squat, and Handstand​.
  2. The Semi-Gods: This is the intermediate level that requires more strength and technique. The exercises include the Single Hand Pump, Handstand in Force (Folded), Dragon Flag, V-Sit, Semi-Planche, and Hand Push Ups/Handstand Push Ups​.
  3. The Olympians: These are advanced level exercises that require significant strength, balance, and technique. They include the Back Lever, Muscle Up in Strength (False Grip), One Arm Elbow Lever, Handstand in Strength (Arms Outstretched), Human Flag, Front Lever, Hollow Back Handstand, Back Lever with One Arm, Handstand 90° Push Ups, One Arm Pull, and Straddle Planche​​.
  4. The Titans: This category consists of the most challenging exercises that only a few people can perform. I was unable to find a detailed list of the Titan exercises, and I apologize for that. I can try to search again if you wish.

Remember that it’s essential to start slow and gradually progress to more difficult exercises. Always prioritize proper form and technique to avoid injuries and get the most out of your workouts. It’s also recommended to get advice from professionals or experienced practitioners to ensure you’re performing the exercises correctly.





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